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It's Time...for Substance Abuse to Graduate

David Anderson TEDx Talk Drugs and alcohol surround us. Unfortunately, abuse of these substances also surrounds us. Further, each of us knows one or more people about whom we are concerned with their use of drugs or alcohol. The deaths and injuries are, to a large extent, preventable. We have lots of resources at our disposal; what’s important is to harness the passion to prevent and intervene more effectively. This TEDx talk, filmed at George Mason University in May, 2015, highlights the needs and the opportunities we have to address this. It is found with this YouTube link.

As highlighted in the talk, this is all about "Investing in Lifetimes".

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Create, Implement, and Review.

Campus and community leaders need resources to aid in their efforts to promote healthy decisions within their organizations and with their constituencies. GMU’s CAPH has, as its focus, working with campuses, schools, communities, states, and national initiatives on a wide range of issues. A central part of the philosophy of GMU’s CAPH is to share resources widely and freely wherever possible. The resources included in this website provide those developed by GMU’s CAPH over its quarter-century of service. These are organized with three broad audiences: College, High School and Community. The thematic thrusts found here are helpful for organization leaders as well as individuals as they aid and guide efforts for increased and enhanced health: Create, Implement and Review. Read More »


Happy New Year!

The transition from one year to the next provides an opportunity every year to refresh, to renew, to recharge and to reorient ourselves. That’s often what happens with the resolutions people make as January comes around each year. What have you done? What did you resolve? And, several weeks after the start of the New Year, what is the status of these resolutions for you??
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