Being Natural

This is the time of year that’s all about “being natural." The temperature is becoming more moderate most of the time; it’s the time when we can enjoy living without artificial temperature modification, when we can turn off the heat and not turn on the air conditioning. It’s also a time when we dress with fewer layers – maybe an occasional sweater or jacket, but nothing like a few months ago.

As we transition through this time of the year, it's also a time when we can take stock of much that is around us. . . the natural beauty that appears, the flowers and the budding trees, the longer days and the warmth. We can be reminded that it’s also helpful to take stock of the natural beauty with other people, whether it's those with whom we live, our friends or significant others, our classmates and acquaintances, and even those we encounter when walking across campus or waiting in line. Our good will toward others is important, and helps provide a tone of civility and respect; it’s not just friendly but also welcoming. As we engage in this transition, we can be reminded that we can consider additional ways of being more natural – perhaps reaching out to help someone in need, sharing a smile or a kind remark, offering a 'thank you' or a 'congratulations on good work', or putting down some of our electronic devices (whether it’s a smartphone, headphones, television or other) to savor the moments. Being natural has lots to offer each of us, individually and collectively.