Implementation in the Community

Program Development activities are an important aspect of GMU’s CAPH services. Not only do the resources assist with others’ initiatives, but professionals at GMU’s CAPH also prepare approaches for direct implementation. The STEP Peer Companion Curriculum, development for Vietnamese elders, promotes a broad-based approach within the construct of mental health promoted by an elder’s peers. Legacy of Life includes a self-directed approach for personal enrichment along each of seven dimensions.

Legacy of Life

This approach emphasizes appropriate strategies for maximizing the quality of life, providing worksheets and frameworks for orchestrating life health planning activities.

S.T.E.P. Peer Companion Curriculum

STEP (Seniors and Trauma survivors Empowerment Program), managed by Boat People SOS, emphasized preparation of Vietnamese seniors to provide assistance to their peers. This Peer Companion Curriculum was developed to enhance their understanding and skills, and to better incorporate local resources. Each of the threee phases (Peer Foundations, Individual and Helping Skills, and Peer Group and Peer-to-Peer Facilitation Skills) includes content for the phase's eight sessions, with learning objectives, class outline, key points, content materials, reviews, assignments, and peer companion applications