Promoting Wellness with our Students

A new resource has just been released to help educators and others supporting students with their lives at college –entitled "5 Key Tips for College Student Wellness: Strategies for Student Success", this free white paper can be requested here.

In this, you’ll find the following five tips:

  1. Students Have Pressing Needs
  2. Colleges and Universities Have a Unique Role to Play
  3. Student Success is s Shared Responsibility
  4. Wellness is Holistic
  5. Understanding Wellness is an Investment Easily Applied.

These tips, and the wellness construct, provide a brief introduction to the resource published this summer on Wellness Issues for Higher Education, which has a focus on enhancing professionals’ understanding of and skills for helping the range of issues important for student success. While these tips were written for those in higher education settings, they are just as applicable to other education environments.