Further Wellness Issues for Higher Education
How to Promote Student Health During and After College

Wellness Issues for Higher EducationPublished one year after Wellness Issues for Higher Education, the Further Wellness Issues for Higher Education book complements and expands the emphasis on a range of wellness issues for college students. Organized around major dimensions of wellness, this volume highlights ten wellness topics with a future orientation – attention to health and success throughout life. Each topic is grounded in current research, and emphasize approaches helpful for a wide variety of college campuses. The book also includes a chapter on strategies for organizing wellness issues on campus.

Consider time management and financial health, civic engagement and disability awareness, body image and tobacco; the content of these chapters are applicable for current and future success. Also, topics such as disordered eating, career wellness, sexual violence, and substance dependence and recovery are vital for sustained and future success.

As with the initial volume, this valuable resource incorporates immediate and long-range approaches helpful for student affairs professionals, faculty members, campus administrators, parents, and others investing in the long-term health and productivity of college students. Also complementing the resources with the first volume, the publisher’s website includes eResources helpful for additional applications. As cited at the end of the Preface for this volume, individuals and institutions can take pride in being part of a "Well U."