Updated Campus Substance Abuse Strategy Self-Assessment

Now available is the Campus Substance Abuse Strategy Self-Assessment, updated with current national data. This resource provides campus leadership personnel with the opportunity to examine their policies and programs related to drug and alcohol issues, and then compare their campus’ results with a national profile of four-year institutions. Ideally, campuses would want to achieve 100% on each of the six dimensions of a comprehensive campus program: Policy and Enforcement, Support and Intervention Services, Prevention and Education, Curriculum and Training, Evaluation and Planning and Collaboration. The reality is that individual campuses, much as with the national profile, have significant gaps in services. Campuses can use this free resource to review the current status of campus efforts, and then prepare plans to enhance their efforts as deemed appropriate. This self-assessment allows for the coordinator’s composite assessment of campus efforts, as well as for compiling results from a task force or other designated individuals. This resource can prove invaluable for campus leaders seeking to improve their efforts to achieve a comprehensive substance abuse prevention effort.