Autumn is Upon Us

It's the time of year when a lot of change in nature surrounds us. The evenings get cooler, the days are not as hot, the humidity drops, and the colors surrounding us change from a vibrant green to a multitude of shades or orange, yellow, and red. It’s a glorious time of year – it makes me want to package the weather and save it!

This transition time with our environment reminds me of our students’ transitioning. They are moving toward a time of greater responsibility and self-reliance; they are learning the importance of managing their stress and time, as well as thinking more critically. They are learning about relationships and the role of quality exercise and nutrition in their lives.

And all of this occurs, to a large extent, within our educational settings. Whether we work in an educational institution, attend school, or have a loved one involved with education, we value the role that education can play in our lives. This is important for the quality and advancement of a cultured society, and to help enhance the quality of decisions made in all aspects of life.

Further, when we think about students, we want them to succeed. This is a shared responsibility between the students themselves and those of us involved in their lives. Each of us can identify ways of promoting the quality of life and good choices with a range of wellness issues. The recently published White Paper and book on Wellness highlighted in the “In the News” column can be helpful in this regard.

Onward and upward!!