Summer Reflections

With the heat of summer upon us, the warmth is something we can use. Whether we warm our spirits, kindle the fire within us, or let the sun shine on some new ideas, summer is a time when we can renew our energies and our passions. This is the case with this new website for George Mason University’s Center for the Advancement of Public Health (GMU’s CAPH).

This revamped website for GMU’s CAPH brings a sense of vitality and warmth to our work for healthier schools and communities. Included with this site are many of the initiatives with which we have had the opportunity to be involved over the past quarter century. We have selected those which we believe have great promise for our efforts today. These resources are organized with attention to three general audiences– college, high school and community; although some overlap exists among these, there are also some insights for one audience that may apply to another audience. Further, the thrusts of "Create", "Implement" and "Review" are designed to be helpful for program planners at various stages of their efforts.

Some of the resources here are nearly 20 years old, yet hold tremendous promise today; consider the various Promising Practices resources. Others continue to emerge with new information, such as the College Alcohol Survey. Still others are relatively timeless, whether they are evaluation focused (e.g., IMPACT) or emphasizing healthy living (e.g., COMPASS).

The aim with this website is to make these resources publicly available and thus promote their easy use and adaptation. Over the last quarter century, GMU’s CAPH has had the opportunity to engage in projects large and small, national and local, and with research, evaluation or programmatic emphases. With nearly 200 grants earned during this period and the work of many staff members, the preparation of these resources represents grounded and applied approaches. Those included on this website represent those with the greatest application currently. Many other resources were developed during the advent of in-office computer technology; thus, due to the lack of digital footprints, they are not incorporated here.

As new resources become available, they will be included and highlighted on the website’s opening page. Further, reflections, perspectives, concepts and more will be included with this blog! With good wishes for health, for you and those with whom you live and work and play!